Poster of The White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover

11.05.1944 2h 6min
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Date de sortie 11.05.1944 Voir plus
Année de production 1944
Durée 2h 6min Voir plus
Titre original The White Cliffs of Dover Voir plus

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Susan Dunn
John Ashwood
John Ashwood II as a Boy
Hiram Porter Dunn
Sam Bennett
Walter Forsythe
Jean Ashwood
John Ashwood II as a Young Man
Reggie Ashwood
Mrs. Bland
English Cabbie
Immigration Officer
Rupert Bancroft
Indian Major in Boardinghouse
Twin in Boardinghouse
Twin in Boardinghouse
Messenger Boy
Captain Davis
Miss Lambert
Madam at Dieppe Hotel
Curate in Boardinghouse
Skipper of Honeymoon Boat
Guest in Boardinghouse
Betsy Kenney at Age 10
French Maid in Dieppe
Orderly in Hospital
Captain Griffiths
Bandmaster in Dieppe
Indian Student in Boardinghouse
Elegant Lady in Boardinghouse
Major Loring
Betsy Kenney at Age 18
Plump Lady at Boardinghouse
Frenchman at Dieppe Train Station
British Naval Officer
Helen Hampton
Old Man
Farmer Ben Kenney
Ball Guest
Duke of Waverly
Nurse Margaret
The Vicar
Woman on Train Opening Window
Boy at Dinner Table
Duchess of Waverly
Captain Portage
John Ashford II at 6 Months Old
Spinster in Boardinghouse
Ball Guest
Mrs. Bancroft
Dying American Soldier
Lieutenant Davis Herrick
Blonde Woman
Dietrich von Biesterburg
Gerhard von Biesterburg
Mrs. Kenney
Southampton Porter
Couleur Noir et blanc
Format audio Mono (Western Electric Sound System)
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Société d'effets spéciaux ,

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